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Four Things To Keep In Mind When You Go The The Auto Salvage Yard

When you have to get your car fixed but want to avoid spending a great deal of money for the parts, one way to get what you need is to visit auto salvage yards. The parts you get at salvage yards tend to be less expensive than new parts and in many cases they still work properly. Use the following tips to help you when you visit these kinds of yards.

Be Aware of the Yard Type

When you go looking for auto parts in a salvage yard, you need to be aware of the different kinds of yards out there. One kind of yard is so-called "you pick" auto salvage yard, where you look through their lot until you find parts you want. At these yards, you may have to extract the parts from cars yourself, so you need to bring tools along.

You might instead choose a full-service salvage yard, where there are people who can help you find what you need and will extract the parts for you. In some cases, they'll have parts on display. For these yards, you may have to pay some kind of entry or service fee.

Know the Number You're Looking For

In order to be confident that you'll find a part that will work in your car, you'll need to know what the exact part number is. You may already know the make, model and year of your car, which can lead you in the right direction, but knowing the part number will ensure that you don't get a part that is made for a similar car but not yours. While some parts are indeed interchangeable, it is a smart idea to contact the manufacturer of the car you need the part for and ask for a specific number.

Be Sure to Negotiate

One of the best things about buying auto parts in a salvage yard is the possibility that you'll be able to negotiate a good price for the parts you need. Before you head to the salvage yard, take a little time to research prices online and in the area so you know how much you should be paying for the parts you want. You might very well be able to negotiate a better price by offering a little less than the initial asking price.

Get a Copy of the Return Policy

Before walking away with auto parts you find, make sure you know what the return policy is for the salvage yard you're dealing with. You might have accidentally gotten the wrong part or the parts may not work. If that happens, you need to know whether you'll be able to return the parts or exchange them for others. Make sure you get a written copy of their return policy.

Use the information in this article to help you when looking for auto parts in salvage yards. Be sure to check with a number of yards in the area to be confident you get what you need. Contact a business like Teddy Bears Auto Parts & Salvage Inc for more information.

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