Buying Used Auto Parts

7 Tips For Buying Your First Used Car

For many reasons, people balk when they think about purchasing a used car. Of course, it is a bit of a scary experience. You are purchasing a car that has been driven before and may even have been in an accident or may have broken down. Buying a used car is a gamble, but you can minimize the risk to you by keeping these tips in mind as you shop around.

1. Get an Independent Opinion

Not sure if the car you are looking at is reputable? It is always advisable to have your own mechanic check out the vehicle just to make sure that everything is in fine working condition.

2. Ensure that the Car's Mileage is Genuine

Check how the mileage lines up with the appearance of the car. If the car looks too good for the mileage, this indicates it may have had body work after being involved in an accident. You might also be concerned that the mileage has not been rolled backward.

3. Check for Accident Damage

Think that the car has been in an accident before? Take a look at the exterior of the car, especially in the sunlight. Look for differences in paint.

4. Consider Cost-Effectiveness

The cost-effective nature of the car is definitely one you should consider if price is a big deal to you. For instance, smaller cars tend to be more affordable than large ones, and cars that are one year old are much more affordable than those that are brand new.

5. Make Sure the Car Passes Smog

In some states, you are not allowed to sell a car that does not pass a smog test. California is the most notorious for smog testing laws, and it is something to consider if you live in an environmentally conscious state.

6. Check the Price of Insurance

Insurance is an essential consideration when you purchase a used car, but it is much more affordable than buying a brand new car. 

7. It is often cheaper to buy used cars at the ends of the quarters.

This means March, June, September, and December are great times to check out stock. Dealerships are trying to make quotas, and they may be more willing to make a deal with you during this time period.

Now that you are armed with this information about purchasing a used car, you are ready to go out there and buy one. For more information, contact an auto wrecker like City Auto Wreckers.

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