Buying Used Auto Parts

Buying The Right Parts For Your Commercial Truck

When you operate a commercial truck and use it to make a living, getting parts for the truck when you need them is critical. The parts are not typically available at the local auto parts store so finding the right part for your truck is sometimes a little harder than it would be for a car. 

Truck Dealership

The dealership where you purchased your commercial truck may have a parts department that can help you source the right parts for your vehicle and more often than not, the parts they carry are genuine factory replacement parts. The warranty on the parts may be longer and the quality better for the factory replacement parts, but the price is typically higher as well. 

If your truck is still under the factory warranty, the parts may not cost you anything if you have the service center put them on for you. While not every part is covered under the warranty, check with the dealer about your specific needs. The service department can find out what your warranty covers and what it doesn't if you are unsure.

Truck Parts Store

In some cities or towns, there are auto parts stores that are commercial truck specific and only carry parts for commercial vehicles. Shops that specialize in just heavy-duty parts are often found in areas that have a large amount of commercial traffic in them. 

The shops often carry parts, accessories, and add-ons that can't be found in other parts stores, and give the truck owner a one-stop-shop to get the parts they need and some of the accessories they want on their ride.

Truck Stops

Sometimes large truck stops sell parts for commercial trucks, especially large shops along major routes. There are several in the mid-west that have become known for a large amount of inventory and the unique items that they carry for commercial trucks and trailers.

The large truck stops that sell parts and accessories sometimes also have service bays and technicians available to work on your truck if you have something that is not working or that you need help with.

Because you spend so much time on the road with your truck, finding a place that can change the oil or fix something that is not working , without having to take an entire day to pull in a dealer is helpful. If that place happens to sell parts and accessories as well, you can get the truck in, get it fixed, and get it back on the road quickly and easily. 

For more information, contact companies like A & B Truck Recycling.

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