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Components That You May Need To Replace In Your Engine

Companies that operate as engine suppliers often have lots of spare parts to fix these engines. That is good news if you own a truck with this kind of engine under the hood. The following examples show some of the different parts you may need to replace over the lifetime of your engine.

The HEUI Fuel Injector

The HEUI (or hydraulically actuated electronic unit injector) fuel injector is the component in engines that injects diesel fuel directly into the engine. It is controlled electronically through the truck's onboard computer system. The benefit of having an HEUI fuel injector is that you can start the truck faster, and you can start it in cold weather, guaranteed. As long as the truck is on and running, the HEUI will continue to deliver spurts of fuel into the engine. When this part is shot, you will not be able to get fuel into the engine, and the truck may not start at all, much less start cold on a freezing day. 

The Camshaft Position Sensor

Many of the earlier models of trucks that had these camshaft position sensors found that the sensors failed. The truck would literally shut itself off mid-drive, leaving the driver and passengers in a potentially dangerous situation. If you have a truck with a faulty camshaft position sensor, you should definitely replace it to avoid these bizarre situations that make your truck seem possessed at times. All previous truck models that did experience this problem were recalled, but that is not to say that any previous owner of your truck ever had this part replaced. It is a good idea to get the truck's camshaft sensor checked and tested, and then have it replaced if necessary. 

Electrical Wiring

The majority of problems in trucks are often tied to something electrical. The older the truck, the more likely the wiring is to blame since the majority of these trucks experienced wiring problems. The wires would simply fray or melt on their own, preventing electrical connections that were necessary to these engines to function as expected. Thankfully, the companies that provide the majority of truck parts for these vehicles also provide all the fresh electrical wiring your truck will need. 


Trucks, in general, are hard on transmissions. It is the nature of trucks to work hard and wear out before most other vehicles ever would. It is a rare truck that does not need a transmission replacement at some point.

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